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My Materials

I use a variety of  recycled and  new materials and a variety of tools to persuade my  materials into the shapes and sizes that fit my needs. My aim is to create as many products as I can using re-purposed or recycled materials. My work is mainly created from iron although at times I will add other materials as I am inspired to do so.  I believe that I should be led by the creative process.  Each new  idea should be able to manifest in its own individual style.  


My Inspiration

I enjoy being outside in my spare time and many of my piece of home and garden art are inspired by  the earth and nature. I love dragonflies, collecting  rocks and vintage items of all sorts.  Kayaking and paddling are two things that I am passionate about.  I like things that are solid, grounded and lasting.  Things that  are connected to this  wonderful, crazy, awesome world we live in.   I wish that the pieces I create add some smiles to your  day.   It's all about the Journey.


My Background

I grew up on a dairy farm on the west coast of British Columbia and my favorite part of the  day was always that unstructured time when my imagination could go wild. I would lay out in the middle  of the field or find a hidden spot up in the hay loft and daydream for hours. As I got older this love of freedom never faded and inspires me create iron works art  which  produces enduring joy for the people who choose to take them home. 

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